No iPhone 4 recall. Apple says we’re wrong. Free bumpers.

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This morning (Australian time), Apple have denied claims of hardware issues with iPhone 4 despite widespread reports of reception problems. Steve Jobs downplayed the issue, explaining that other phones do the same thing. Apparently El Jobso hasn’t seen the users created videos displaying very clearly that the reception issue with iPhone 4 is more severe than other devices. Not only were reception levels impacted, but data speed also experienced a dramatic decrease.

Apple also took this opportunity to announce they have sold over 3 million iPhone 4s. According to Apple’s AppleCare data only 0.55% of customers have reported issues. What about the people who don’t have AppleCare ? ATT are reporting that return rates for iPhone 4 is at 1.7%, while the iPhone 3GS had a return rate of 6.0%. Steve Jobs says the reports from ‘certain websites’ report the problem to be worse than it is.

Despite having a more advanced antenna, Apple have admitted iPhone 4 drops more calls than iPhone 3GS.

Apple are trying to appease current owners who purchase prior to September 30 by offering free bumpers (case). Those who already bought the bumper, you’ll get a refund.

The Australian iPhone 4 launch had previously only stated as ‘late July’. Apple have confirmed the international launch date for Australia and a bunch of countries around the world is July 30th. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute.

Australia iPhone 4 Launch Date
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