Polestar 2 reservations open to Australia and LCT is here to spoil the party on this great EV

The all electric Polestar 2 is a seriously impressive car and a great alternative to the Tesla Model 3 and if you’re seriously considering it, you should definitely check out our 10,000 word detailed review of the Polestar 2.

This afternoon the design studio has gone live for Australian customers, revealing more about the available options and on-road pricing of the Polestar 2.

From the website, we already knew the common specs and prices for each of the models, but it’s the optional extras, and the final checkout prices that are the really big news today. Of course there was always going to be additional costs like stamp duty, delivery fees and on the top tiers, that dreaded Luxury Car Tax, despite doing the right thing by buying electric.

The standard range single motor variant has an estimated range of 440-474km (WLTP) and a 0-100km/hr time of 7.4 seconds. This starts at $59,990 and for that you get 170kW of power, with 330Nm of torque from a 69kWh battery pack which propels the car through a single electric motor between the front wheels.

The long range single motor costs an additional $5,000 for an estimated range of 510-542km (WLPT) and the same 7.4s acceleration time.

The top model is the Long range Dual motor which costs a $10,000 over the base model, and for A$69,990, you get 300kW/660 Nm and a drop in the 0-100km/hr time to 4.7 seconds. Polestar have promised an OTA software update that drops this to 4.4s matching the Model 3 LR time. This variant uses a larger 78kWh battery pack.

There is just one colour at that price, Void (black) with Snow (white), Magnesium (grey), Thunder (dark grey), Moon (grey/brown) and Midnight (blue) all $1,400 options.

There are 5 interior options to choose from, however only Charcoal Embossed Textile and Zinc Embossed Textile options are included in the price. If you opt for the Slate WeaveTech or Charcoal WeaveTech you’ll need to add the Plus pack. There is also a lux Ventilated Nappa leather and reconstructed wood option for $6,000 more.

You then have a choice of adding Pilot Pack (technology), Plus Pack (comport and style), and/or Performance. These cost A$5,000, $6,000 and $8,000 and can all be added to any variant of the car.

You also have the choice of wheels, starting with the base 19″ alloys which look quite nice. For an extra $1,400 you can bump those up to more aggressive 20″ rims, or if you opt for the Dual motor (Performance pack required), you have the additional inclusion of 20″ 4-Spoke black polished forged alloy wheels, but remember you did pay $8k for that performance pack.


Assuming you stick with the base price, your driveaway price starts at A$64,737.10 (VIC).

If you opt for the Long Range Dual Motor version, add the Snow paint and the 3 optional packs, as was the review vehicle I drove, the vehicle price is A$82,090.91 (VIC), but the driveaway quickly runs up to A$100,341.80 or more than a Model 3 Performance.

This is thanks to 18,250.89 in taxes and fees, including $8,345 of GST a $1,363 delivery fee, $3,6452 in Luxury Car Tax, $884 in Registration and $4,015 in stamp duty.

As you can tell from my Polestar 2 review, I really enjoyed spending a week with it, even going as far to say if the Model 3 didn’t exist, this would be my car. At $80k, it’s really impressive, at $100k on road, that makes the decision much more difficult for anyone to choose the Polestar 2 over a Model 3, particularly given the autonomy story isn’t great, and OTA updates are unproven.

With all that said, the Polestar 2 is really welcome entrant to Australia’s EV market and when it launches in February I’m keen to see plenty on our road. I think the main reason you buy a Polestar 2 over an alternative, is really the design and that it ticks almost every necessary box you require to make this a car that’s practical to own.

To try out the configurator yourself, head to https://www.polestar.com/au/polestar-2/configurator and you’ll need $500 to place a reservation.

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