Poll: Would your rather watch Foundation or ABCNews24


Foundation is a podcast from former Digg founder Kevin Rose who is now in control of the bags of money over at Google Ventures. The video podcast takes a casual approach to interviewing some amazing founders and CEOs of companies, from services and products we use daily. The show goes in-depth on the person behind the product and their life in the lead up to their success or failures, while also interrogating the difficult learnings that step from challenges of startup life.

ABCNews 24 is the online streaming version of ABCNews24 TV channel on your TV. The stream is available from both their website, YouTube and even iOS and Android mobile apps. It frequently delivers News, Sport and Political coverage in detail that is often only afforded by a dedicated 24 hour news channel. The channel often goes deep into stories and also cuts to live events such as doorstop interviews, speeches and press conferences that other channels simply don’t.

Our Poll question is which of these do you prefer. The two are quite different in scope, however the audience of both is likely to have some cross over. With the human body only capable of consuming a single audio visual stream at a time, which would you prefer to watch ?

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Last poll result

In our last poll, we asked ‘How much mobile data do you use per month?’ This stemmed from the fact Australia still has fairly low data caps by international standards. With most post-paid plans offering caps of around 1-1.5GB per month, purchasing additional data packs is a common venture for most of us. Of 160 readers who completed the poll, 30% of you used between 1 and 2GB of data per month. The more important number is that 26% used more than 4GB in a month, I seriously hope those people had work pickup the bill.

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