Project CARS V8SC DLC, around Bathurst it’s awesome


Mount Panorama is a track that’s now available in a number of racing titles, but what’s a great race track without the right car? In the latest DLC, Project CARS added a Ford V8 Supercar to the game, for free. Naturally I had to test it out and am very happy to report they’ve done a great job of capturing the feeling of being inside and in control (or out of control) of a V8 Supercar.

Sure there’s only one manufacturer, Ford, and its last year’s model, but frankly having a V8 Supercar at all is a welcome addition. Something you notice when you’re behind the wheel is just how nuanced the handling is, after all you’re right foot controls the delivery of 485kW to the road. That’s a lot of power for a car that only weighs 1,410kg and as you negotiate the crazy corners of Bathurst, one of the most difficult circuits on the planet to master.

The closest comparison clearly comes from Forza 6 which offers both V8 Supercars and Bathurst, but Project CARS delivers a far more accurate experience. The physics of the car model interacting with different track surfaces and ripple strips, is translated well through the force feedback of the Logitech G920. It’s possible to feel a slide happening and catch it before you kiss the wall, but you better be fast.

The biggest complaint I have about the Forza implementation is that getting that you can’t get on the brakes without the tyres locking and the car sliding. Even with ABS enabled, the sound of screeching tyres just breaks from reality. Fortunately Project CARS gets this right.

Given the realism offered by the V8s in Project CARS, V8 Supercars would be well serviced by licencing the full set of manufacturers and liveries to the game. As far as DLC goes, this single car is one of the better ones and as a free download, there’s really no reason owners of the game shouldn’t try it out.


The interior of the car is modelled accurately, completely with a working windscreen wiper that does a full sweep. There’s the safety net on the driver’s side window and if you somehow find some time to look around down, you’ll also spot the ice box on the passenger’s side.

Mount Panorama is challenging with the other vehicles in the game, but it always felt like V8s were missing and now that wrong has been righted. The sound of the car adds to the realism and the ability to fool your brain that you’re actually driving. The clicks and pops of the exhaust are fully on display as you get out of the power to coast down the dipper. While there’s plenty of highlights around the lap, flying down conrod at 280km+ and taking a hard right then jumping on the brakes to make it through the chase.

This car and this track belong together and congrats to Project CARS, you should be applauded for this implementation. Check out some of the action outside and inside the V8SC in Project CARS on the Xbox One.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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