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The team at Scann3d have created a technique to convert photographs into 3D visualization services. What’s proving to be a massive hit in the residential real estate market, the company has performed their magic on more than 500 homes across the country. On the 8th of June, they announced a new partnership between with Australia’s biggest property portal and leading property developer BPM.

This adds to existing partnerships like that of Metricon, one of Australia’s largest builders who already implement this technology on their website. This technology allows future home owners to walk through their house virtually, before building, making sure they select the home that’s right for them.

Check out an example of these 3D walk-through experiences here.

After noticing the lack of support for buyers searching for properties off-the-plan, SCANN3D allows those who can’t mentally visualise, to actually see their kitchen, lounge, bedrooms, everything, all in 3D before a single block is layed.

Virtual experiences such as these will continue to improve the consumer’s decision making process and help property developers such as BPM deliver better outcomes for their customers. REA Group, owner and operator of, approached Scann3d in an effort to make our technology accessible to the world.

“We know that people looking to buy off-the-plan apartments can sometimes be hindered in their decision-making as they are unable to walk through it like an established property. This new technology helps consumers immerse themselves in a finished apartment, enabling them to ‘walk’ through it, to get a deeper understanding of what they’re buying,” Mr Dalton said.

While the 3D tours are coming to mobile, you can see it first on desktop today at


More information at SCANN3D


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