Setup tips and Photos: new App for Evie networks EV charging, uninstall the old one

    Australian EV charging company Evie Networks has switched from a 3rd party white labelled mobile app to a new much better Android & iPhone app made in house.

    That means you’ll have to install and login to the new app (link only works on mobile) like I just did.

    As an existing Evie customer I was able to login with my account but had to answer several new questions aimed at improving the charging process.

    The new app has a white bird on a dark background, uninstall the old app which has a green bird on a white background.

    The new app (at left below )works on Android version 7.0 and above whereas the old app (right below) worked on Android 5.0 and above.

    Some of the new initial setup and login steps are shown below. Say yes when asked for permissions like Location and supply your postcode to make charging easier so you can be told when you have a new Evie charger installed near you.

    Key new features are:

    • Forget about QR code scanning: If you enable location services, when you’re at a site it will automatically open.
    • Two taps and you’re charging: If you have location services on, all you have to do is tap the plug you’re using and press start charge.
    • Site availability and notices: Instantly see useful information from the default map screen.
    • See the only plug you care about (yours): you can filter by plug type eg: ignore CHAdeMO
    • See your state of charge while you’re charging
    • Do you have friends visiting from overseas who need to borrow your car or who are renting an EV? The new app allows both international credit cards and international mobile numbers to charge with Evie.

    Evie Networks say their new independent charging app is designed from the bottom up to make charging simpler. After extensive testing with a group of dedicated drivers they have taken all customer feedback into consideration to develop an app that has driver needs at its core.

    For charging convenience, Evie also offers Evie Pass – an RFID card linked to your App account, which enables you to start a charge by tapping the RFID card directly on the charger. A tip that many people don’t know about, you can use an Evie RFID card to initiate charges at Chargefox and other RFID tap enabled chargers.

    What do you think of the new Evie charging app features?

    Neerav Bhatt
    Neerav Bhatt
    Thanks to his broad general knowledge, research skills and ability to explain complex issues Neerav Bhatt has appeared in the online, print, radio and TV media including: ABC (Online, TV, Radio), SBS (Online, Radio), BBC World Service (Radio), 10 News TV, Sky News TV, Australian IT, Technology Spectator, Ausdroid, iTnews, APCMAG, IDG CSO and a variety of other publications. In 2023 he joined the techAU team and represents them at Sydney events.

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