Small businesses in Victoria can get $3,500 off solar panels

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    If you’ve got solar on your home and head to the office and think you’d really like to see your energy costs also reduced with solar for your business, then Solar Victoria has some good news for you.

    The Solar for Business Program is a new initiative designed to support Victorian small businesses to reduce their energy costs by accessing the benefits of renewable energy. 

    To support the economic recovery of Victorian small businesses and the broader solar sector, 15,000 solar PV rebates will be available over the next 3 years. 

    Rebates are available for small-scale solar PV systems up to 30kW, to cover up to 50% of the cost. Small businesses are eligible for a maximum rebate of $3,500 to reduce the upfront cost of installing solar on their business premises. 

    If the net costs of solar are $10,000, then the rebate value applied is $3,500 (not $5,000) or if the net costs are $4,000, then the rebate value applied is $2,000 (not $3,500). 

    Net costs are inclusive of GST and any contribution from Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

    Business rebates are available for those that meet the eligibility criteria:   

    • Be the owner of a business that employs at least one person, not including the business owner, and less than 20 people 
    • Operate from premises that are non-residential. 
    • Operate from premises that are individually metered    
    • Have your system installed by a Solar Victoria approved solar retailer as detailed on Solar Victoria’s website   
    • Install a solar system with a PV capacity size up to 30kW, and detailed on the Solar Victoria approved product list.    

    Eligible businesses will be able to apply for a Solar for Business rebate through the Solar Victoria portal from late May 2021.  

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    1. Bravo ! Solar Victoria is a good news for everyone who has got solar at their home and seeing energy costs reduced with their business ! by having the access to the benefits of renewable energy . I was curios about the Victorian small businesses and after reading it I’ve cleared it all up ! .. the eligibility criteria is also very beneficent for the citizens !
      can u help me in figuring out what are PV rebates exactly ? ..

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