Sorry Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality just won.


In an effort to achieve a completely immersive environment, virtual reality has been chased as the gaming dream for decades. With the announcement of HoloLens by Microsoft early this year, it introduced some major competition to VR. AR doesn’t confine you to an area in the fear that you’ll trip over something, instead it builds on the familiar world around you. This offers an experience that’s more familiar than a complete virtual world. This means places like your home, or office can be augmented to become something very, very different.

Check out this insane new video from Magic Leap, titled ‘Just another day in the office at Magic Leap’. The video begins with a pretty exciting take on reading your Gmail, but then the user selects a game called VICTORY and the real fun begins. First up is the selection of a weapon. A series of guns adorn the top of a physical table, as the user approaches each one, the price tag appears. Picking up the gun, is registered as a purchase and reduces your in game bank account.

He takes the gun, turns to the office wall on the left and fires. The virtual weapon fires and when the round reaches the wall, it explodes. This would certainly be a great way to blow off steam on a bad day. Seconds later the game commences and the ceiling opens allowing enemies to drop from roof and land in the room next to you. This is the part you don’t want to be drunk for.

As the enemies approach, he takes out the enemies one by one, some approaching from a higher level of the office floor, demonstrating the augmentation fully understands the environment it’s projecting onto, rather than a simple flat plane. He then earns a turret to help defend against the enemy and with the left selects the perfect position for it to be established.


This is where things go from great to amazing. That boring office wall that you’ve stared at for years just had a tank burst through it. A tank! There’s some serious work gone into this and as a company funded by Google, you’d expect that to be the case. We’re not sure how much of this is from an actual product or simply a great video with augmented reality created in post-production, but if this is to be what rises from the ashes in the aftermath of Google Glass, I want it yesterday.

Do yourself a favour and watch the 1 minute, 36 second video, the first from Magic Leap.

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