Telstra enables HD Voice on NextG Network

Telstra HD Voice Call

Telstra have enable all customers of the Telstra NextG network with support handsets access to HD Voice.

HD Voice uses Wideband Adaptive Multi-Rate coding, doubling the frequency band of the audio transmitted. This makes voice calls clearer by making sounds like S and F easier to distinguish and also by more efficiently removing background noise.

Telstra customers do not need to pay extra costs to access the service and is available but is only possible as long as you and the person you are talking with are using the NextG Network and have a compatible handset. At the moment the list is quite small but HD Voice is new technology and with the NextG Network being the worlds largest HD Voice enabled network Telstra is hoping demand from customers will drive the technology to become an industry standard. We will most likely start seeing more supported phones as manufactures start seeing the technology adopted by telcos.

Only the Nokia 6720, E52, E72 and N8-00 and the HTC Desire S currently support HD Voice but the Sony Neo-Xperia launching next month will also support HD Voice.


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