Twitter introduces conversation views


Twitter has rolled out a new feature overnight on their website. Conversation view works by joining tweets together with a line to simplify the display of conversation threads. This has been a long standing issue with twitter in following the conversation if you enter mid-way, the new view allows you to catch up and contribute easily.

The new view is rolling out on, as well as in the iPhone and Android apps, I guess Windows Phone support will arrive sometime in 2014. You can see in the screenshot below the blue line that connected the two posts that are connected. As the conversation continues, the blue line continues down through more posts to connect them all.


Twitter released their own explanation of the new feature in one short minute, so you can check that out below. It may feel like a simply update, but already I’m finding it incredibly useful to tie together what can feel like disjointed conversations and @replies.

Via TechCrunch

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