V8 Supercars just signed up for two more years of the same SD crap

V8 Supercars not in HD

Australian Motorsport fans will be all too familiar with the lack of high definition broadcasts on Freeview. V8 supercars are the prime example and today have signed a new two-year agreement with Channel 7 that will see the practice continue. V8 Supercars CEO David Malone has clearly failed to hear the outrage over the issue.

With consumers spending thousands of dollars on HDTVs, they expect that sports will take advantage of the HD broadcast licences they have been granted. Instead it seems Channel Seven are once again able to sign a big enough check for V8SC to look the other way.

A vast majority of the 2013 season will be showcased on the primary Seven Network channel, only deviating to 7mate when clashes with Australian Rules Football occur – much the same as how the broadcasting arrangement has functioned in recent years.

In case you’re not up to speed with the qualities delivered by Channel 7, their primary channel delivers an out dated SD broadcast, while 7Mate delivers the full 1080 signal. As the sport further extends its reach into international markets, and the calendar hits 2013, it’s beyond comprehension how tone deaf they are to this issue.

So while the introduction of two new manufacturers and the Car Of The Future, it seems most Aussie’s will be left watching the low-quality broadcast we’ve grown to hate from Channel 7. The other kicker is that the deal covers the next two years of broadcasts, so hopes of a HD V8SC broadcast will have to wait for 2015.

In the words of Homer Simpson “Stupid non-HDTV, might as well rub dirt in my eyes.”

You can read more information about today’s broadcast deal at V8Supercars.com.au

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