Why you shouldn’t sign up to JIVA’s $79 unlimited downloads plan


JIVA is a new ISP from iiNet that’s offering simplicity as it’s key reason for being. That simplicity comes in the form of a single plan option, that’s it, not table, not chart or graph, just a single plan. That plan is $79 per month and includes unlimited ADSL2+ downloads, unlimited home phone calls and an included router. Sounds pretty good right? Well that’s all until you see that lock in for 24 months. Normally contracting to 24 months isn’t really an issue given you’ll always need the internet into the future.

The big problem comes with the timing. Heading into the federal election, the NBN rollout is possibly going to change substantially. At this point what we do know about it’s rollout is that if Labor hold government, those people in the 3 year coverage areas could have the NBNCo installers arrive in their location inside the duration of this 24 month contract. That means you’ll need to break contract with JIVA to move to an NBN plan. If the Coalition gets in, we don’t have detail on what will happen.

Other ISP’s with more options, allow you to select plans that include just a 12 month contract or even better, none at all. Now typically those plans do cost a little more each month, but there’s a good chance, it’ll still be much cheaper than early termination.

The irony is that iiNet has probably the best priced NBN plans of any ISP, if you think there’ll be a transition available from JIVA to iiNet, think again, there are being run essentially as a separate company. While staff may have a joint Christmas party, there is no direct reporting structures from JIVA and iiNet.

iiNet had previously stated that it wasn’t going to offer an unlimited product when the competition did. By sectioning off JIVA, they can offer that without going back on their word and offer a simply, low-cost option for that market.

If we take the NBN out of the equation, it’s a pretty good deal. I’m currently paying $88pm for 200GB, but never really push up against that. Signups will be available from early September. Also.. the logo looks like it’s “inspired” by Google Glass.

More information @  https://jiva.com.au/

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