Windows 8 already running on MacBook Retina


If yesterday’s announcement of that stunning $2.5k MacBook Retina pushing 2880×1800 pixels, left you wondering how it’d work with Windows 8, wonder no more. a Japanese site ( has just posted pictures of the new top of the line MacBook running Windows 8 via BootCamp.

We’ve seen Microsoft discuss multiple resolutions and DPI sizes on the Building Windows 8 blog, but judging from the screen shot above, they need to rethink how the screens of the future will be supported. We see from the photo below that the resolution 2880×1800 is supported, however the home screen Tiles aren’t taking advantage of the extra screen real estate.

Application developers also need to write their applications to be dimension and resolution independent or suffer the same fate of having large parts of the display unused. While the new MacBook Pro Retina is the first laptop to support this resolution, it won’t be the last.



What is inviting is the extra screen real estate afforded by the ultra-high resolution demonstrated by the photo above. Sure you may need to pickup a pair of glasses or rest your drooling chin on that backlit keyboard to read the text. Still it doesn’t mean its not lustworthy. That new Adobe CS6 subscription along with Visual Studio 12 would look awfully good with this much room to spare. The idea here of course is to have a massive editing area for content while also accessing all your toolbars and timelines.

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