Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available


The ISO Images for Windows 8 Consumer Preview are now available from

Tonight, Microsoft will release the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It’s now been 5 months since the release of our first look at Windows 8, the developer preview. Developers have used this time to build Metro-style applications which will be delivered by the new Windows 8 Store.

While the Store tile was present in the dev preview, it wasn’t yet active. The Consumer Preview will be our first opportunity to download and purchase free and paid applications. The developer agreement means that developers who choose to charge for their apps will keep 70% of the revenue, until the app make more than $25,000, after which Microsoft’s share drops from 30, down to 20%.

While we’ve seen a few apps like eBay and Animoto teased in Microsoft videos, there should be a considerable offering available at launch? What Metro apps are you looking forward to trying out the most?

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