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    Things got a little weird in build 9860 of Windows 10

    Those using the Windows 10 Tech preview, there’s a new build available now. Build 9860 is available by going to PC Settings > Update and Recovery > P..

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    Apple Pay is already working in Australia

    Apple’s announcement of Apple Pay was an interesting one, with the tap and pay technology limited to the US market. In terms of payments, the US is in some..

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    Spotify introduce family plans, no need to share anymore

    It’s rare that only one person in a family will be a music lover. More commonly, households are full of different music lovers each with their own unique t..

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    Watch iFixit teardown the new Apple iMac 27” with 5K Retina display

    The guys and girls over at iFixit are.. wait for it… legendary. The latest in their long lineup of hardware teardowns is Apple’s latest 27” iMac with that ..

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    Twitter introduces audio cards for podcasts, music and audio

    Twitter is on a roll lately and today’s new feature is no exception. Twitter Audio Cards allows users to simply tap, and listen to audio directly in your t..

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    The most interesting product Apple could announce is the iPad Pro

    Apple’s annual iPad event is just a few hours away (4AM for the Australian east coast) so it’s time to consider what’s about to be announced. After Apple a..

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    The Android Lollipop statue just arrived at Google

    Every generation of Android has been celebrated with statues at Google’s campus. With the release of Android L, now confirmed as Lollipop, there’s now one ..

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    Watch PC Perspective play Borderlands The Pre-Sequel now

    So the latest edition of Borderlands was just released and naturally there’s plenty of Twitch.tv streams going live. One of the best to watch is from PC Pe..

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    Twitter Ads now available to SMB in Australia

    Twitter Australia has announced that Twitter Ads are now available to small and medium businesses (SMBs) in Australia. Until now, advertising on Twitter st..