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    Cortana Alpha is coming to Australia

    Windows Phone 8.1 is rolling out and with it comes new news for Windows Phone users down under. Since the release of the developer build of Windows Phone 8..

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    PS4 gets 3D Bluray support, does anyone care?

    Sony’s been delivering 3D movies to console owners since the PS3 shipped all those years ago, but now the latest generation PS4 has a new trick. 3D Blu-ray..

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    Review: Motorola Moto X

    Hardware The phone itself is one of the best I’ve held in terms of fit in the hand. The slightly rubberised back gives you confidence that it’s not going t..

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    It’s here. Live Lock BETA for Windows Phone

    It’s hard to say the lock screen experience between devices is a war, but it’s certainly a battle. Apple have the fingerprint unlock, Android have pattern ..

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    BattleHack Sydney liveblog. Congrats to Gearbox!! (Updated)

    It’s time Sydney (and Australia) to show your developer chops in PayPal’s 24 hour BattleHack event. The fridge is stocked with Red Bull and the WiFi is a g..

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    Your 2014 Father’s day gift guide

      With father’s day quickly approaching (in Australia), it’s time to start planning presents for the old man. He created you, raised you, paid for you..

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    Google buys Twitch for $1 billion, Google now owns 2 apps on the Xbox

    The deal is signed, the money is changing hands, Twitch.tv is no longer an independent company. The live streaming video game service has risen to fame ove..

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    Telstra is shutting down 2G in 2016

    Telstra has some news today that will either excite you or make you sad. 2G is dead. Telstra’s 2G GSM network will be closed by the end of 2016. The ..

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    Lytro partners with 500px, live photos now available

    Smart and live focus photo company Lytro announced an upcoming partnership with 500px earlier in the month, but the photos are now live. 500px is well know..

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    Telstra pre-order for Lumia 930 starts at 12pm today (finally)

        It’s been delayed by 2 weeks, but Telstra is finally ready to release Nokia’s Lumia 930. If you pay attention to the Windows Phon..