techAU Podcast Episode #56 – R18+ NBN

techAU Podcast Episode 56

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Internode announce NBN pricing higher than ADSL2

Sponsor: iOS Developer Conference – One More Thing (Saturday 13th August, 2011)
The aim of this conference is to give an insight into how Australian developers are achieving success on the App Store, and forging full-time jobs and careers out of cultivating their ideas and publishing their creations on Apple’s App Store. For more information and details about the event, please visit 

Apple releases new Macbook Air, Mac Mini, OSX Lion

  • White Macbook discontinued
  • Core i5 / i7 processors, SSD’s, no Optical drives
  • OSX A$31.99 – LaunchPad, Mishion Control, Multi-touch gestures, Inverse scrolling, Full-screen apps, not all apps are supported, hosed Bootcamp Win7 partitions

ManaBar Melbourne Opening

  • 4hrs there, 4hrs back, 30 minutes inside
  • Small, but awesome place, made by the people

Google + a few weeks in.

  • 10M users confirmed.. reports of closing in on 20M.
  • Hangouts the best feature

Australia getting R18+ rating for games

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  • Greenie

    Not sure i agree with the comments by Simon Hackett re NBN POI pricing. If NBN Co lower’s POI pricing, service costs will go up (then he will complain about that). The NBN has a cost, if they lighten the POI pricing it will have to be made up somewhere else.

    A few points:
    – Smaller ISP’s don’t have to offer services nationally, they could start small with 1-2 points of interconnect and grow (like any small business)

    – Smaller ISP’s can use wholesale providers such as Telstra, Optus or NextGEN who plan to wholesale services over the NBN, providing fewer points of interconnect to smaller ISPs, just as Telstra/Optus do now with ADSL.

    There’s probably only 5-6 ISP’s that have a national fibre network, the rest use wholesalers like Telstra/Optus to get data from the cities to our exchanges and i suspect this will continue under the NBN

    Anyways end rant. I think Simon Hackett is being a sook :)