2 ways to accelerate Deep Learning training

In the modern digital age, the word ‘impossible’ seems to be out of the vocabulary. The birth of artificial intelligence (AI) has made everything once dreamed of realizable. Conceived from ingenious minds, AI is lionized and continues to awe the entire populace.

As the cyberworld evolves, so as its constituents. There are things that you never learned from school and encountered before. People have a vague knowledge of the different platforms, algorithms, frameworks, and in-depth comprehension of technological terms and expressions.

An example is the innovation of open-source machine libraries that unlocks exponential possibilities. Using Pytorch and others, algorithms are created with a computed scientific framework and embedded with its script language.

Unbeknownst to everybody, AI innovations have been part of people’s daily lives for years. Its development is utterly unfathomable and significantly perplexing. Witnessing its favourable outcome, one may tend to ask, ‘What’s inside the pandora’s box?’

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a system where a machine demonstrates human-like intuition. It’s a device that’s incorporated to mimic human cognition. They’re made up of mathematical functions and compound algorithms. Examples are mobile gadgets, surveillance, digital banking, video games, cars, and social media platforms. These AI products are integrated with the capability to analyse, reason, and solve problems.

Nowadays, AIs have been highly enhanced with upgraded systems that may surpass human thinking capability. ‘How far is too far?’ the nation asks. These innovations are made for one shared purpose—improved quality of life.

Machine Learning And Deep Learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. The application of AI gives machines the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It achieves AI with algorithms and encrypted data, resulting in a gratifying output. It follows the step-by-step approach of what it had learned.

Deep learning (DL), as its name suggests, requires the action mimicked with that of the human brain. It’s a subset of artificial intelligence and the term used is ‘artificial neural network’. It’s made by a framework of human-like neurons that are considered an integral part of deep learning.

An activation function is passed from input, hidden, and output layers to adjust the weights and bias to produce a satisfying output from the machine. Deep learning can rapidly analyse multiple tasks and make decisions on its own; that’s what differentiates it from machine learning.

The influence of the modern digital era is rapidly increasing. Deep learning products such as self-driving cars, customer service support in social media platforms, and the advanced technology bought to medical care in order to determine cancer cells, tumours, and other illnesses helped a lot.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning development infographic with icons and timeline

Accelerating Deep Learning training

Being in the cyberworld, one mustn’t miss out on the latest and state-of-the-art systems available in the market. These are the ways to accelerate deep learning training:

1. Use of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

While central processing unit (CPU) is used in machine learning, GPU provides the essential needs for efficient deep learning training. Its parallelization capacities are more remarkable than CPUs being four to five times faster. It guarantees high accuracy due to its great computational process, even though it’s initially made for speeding up graphics processing.

Modern and enhanced GPUs are now being developed indicatively for deep learning training. Utilizing single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) architecture is accurate for the processes it needs to generate. As stated by its name, SIMD can execute numerous and simultaneous strategies.

Given the weight load of power it needs, one should also consider optimization, storage bandwidth, and dataset size. Investing in GPUs is expensive, and any company will ensure they maintain cash flow and attain a return on investment (ROI).

2. Choose the right framework

Choosing the proper framework for deep learning training is the key. A framework must be fully equipped with well-constructed notes that’d expound every detail. Video tutorials and online classes may be highly beneficial in the first phase of training.

Deep learning training is no walk in the park. It requires training and deep appreciation for this art of technology. There’s a variation of frameworks offered in the market. Each has its unique features and elaborate ways to accelerate deep learning training.

All things considered

Dealing with technology is all about precision and accuracy. State-of-the-art technology must be optimized to produce exceptional outcomes. The children of AI, through the deep learning process, have brought cavalry and imparted advanced knowledge to mankind. In accelerating deep learning, training is only the first part; mastery and excellence will follow. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you accelerate deep learning training.

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