Actually the new iPad is just incremental, not revolutionary

iPad 3 021

It’s day 1 of the new iPad in Australia which is still yet to be released in the US, but below is a hands-on video with my initial impressions. I think you’ll find the video informative, particularly if you’re an iPad 1 owner like me who skipped the iPad 2. Those who did upgrade to the iPad 2 should think carefully before pulling out the credit card only 12 months later.

As a gadget lover, I’m happy with the purchase of a new 16GB WiFi model, but reports of the iPad’s screen quality have been greatly inflated. Sure it’s nice and crisp, but there’s no doubt it’s not a knock your socks off, must-have experience like it was built-up to be.

Watch the video in HD to get the full effect of the new display vs the original iPad.

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