Adobe brings Generative AI Backgrounds to create Substance 3D to stage your next product launch

    Adobe has shown off new generative AI features integrated into Adobe Substance. For those unfamiliar with this product, Adobe Substance 3D, it is a suite of tools that allow you to create and manipulate 3D objects in a scene, without the need to know the complex 3D tools of the past.

    By integrating Adobe’s popular family of Firefly generative AI models directly in to Substance 3D, they expect it will usher in a new era of creativity and efficiency for industrial designers, game developers and VFX professionals, accelerating iterative and creative processes in various areas including 3D texturing and background image generation.

    Substance 3D’s latest releases introduce two new Firefly-powered features:

    Substance 3D Sampler’s innovative Text to Texture feature offers creators the ability to generate photorealistic or stylised textures for 3D object surfaces from simple text prompts. This feature significantly enhances artists and designers’ creative and iterative processes without the need for physical prototypes, stock imagery or manual photography.

    Substance 3D Stager‘s new Generative Background feature empowers users to create detailed backgrounds images from text prompts, and seamlessly composite objects into scenes with intelligent perspective and lighting matching.

    Together, these new capabilities significantly accelerate the creative review process, making professional design workflows more productive and seamless while saving considerable time.

    Adobe has always looked for new and innovative ways to put cutting-edge creative tools in the hands of designers and other artists.

    By integrating Firefly’s generative AI capabilities into Substance 3D, we’re not just streamlining the creative process – we’re unlocking new realms of creative possibility with new generative workflows designed to unlock human imagination, not replace it.

    Sebastien Deguy, Vice President, 3D & Immersive at Adobe.

    For industrial designers and professionals in the gaming and VFX industries, these updates mean quicker ideation, more creative freedom, and the ability to generate high-quality, realistic textures and environments at a fraction of the usual time and cost.

    Marketing professionals and content creators will also find the new features invaluable as they produce high-fidelity visuals and animations, enhancing brand presentations and storytelling.

    By default, Adobe Firefly attaches Content Credentials to assets created or edited using Firefly, indicating that generative AI was used in the creative process. Content Credentials are verifiable details that serve as a digital “nutrition label.”

    They can show contextual information including an asset’s name, creation date, what digital tools were used, and any edits made along the way, helping to bring more transparency to digital content.

    Powered by free, open-source technology from the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), this data remains associated with the content wherever it is used, published or stored, enabling proper attribution and helping consumers make informed decisions about digital content.


    Beta versions of Substance 3D Sampler 4.4 and Stager 3.0 featuring the new Text to Texture and Generative Background features will be showcased during Substance Days at GDC 2024, demoed at Adobe’s Substance 3D booth, and accessible to all Substance 3D customers starting March 18.

    To learn more, visit Adobe’s Substance 3D page at

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