Apple’s iPad worldwide tablet market-share is dropping


Apple’s game-changing tablet has sunk to its lowest share of the worldwide tablet market since its inception in 1Q of 2013. Research firm IDC announced today that is preliminary estimates show Apple slowly sliding down the market share as other vendors gain traction, in particular – Samsung.

Apple’s market-share for this quarter sat at 39.6% of the market, compared to 43.6% of in the previous quarter and a massive drop from 58.2% for the first quarter of 2012.


The research firm said that:

Apple outperformed IDC’s most recent projections for the quarter, shipping 19.5 million units compared to a forecast of 18.7 million units. The company, which historically has experienced a steep drop off in first quarter shipments (following strong holiday sales in the fourth quarter), saw some smoothing of that seasonality this year. […]

“Sustained demand for the iPad mini and increasingly strong commercial shipments led to a better-than expected first quarter for Apple,” said Tom Mainelli, Research Director, Tablets at IDC. “In addition, by moving the iPad launch to the fourth quarter of 2012, Apple seems to have avoided the typical first-quarter slowdown that traditionally occurred when consumers held off buying in January and February in anticipation of a new product launch in March.”

Samsung and Asus’ growth was very impressive, both seeing a year-over-year increase of over 250%, however, Apple’s market-share is still more than double that of the second place Samsung.

Microsoft’s Surface tablets shipped 900k in the first quarter too, so it looks like they’re not selling as bad as people thought.

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