Aussie Broadband to roll out 112km of dark fibre in Adelaide, up to 100 Gbps for specialist applications

    Aussie Broadband has partnered with South Australia’s largest data centre, YourDC, to roll out 112km of 360-core dark fibre throughout the greater Adelaide metropolitan area, giving hundreds of businesses up to 10 Gbps access and up to 100 Gbps for specialist applications. 

    The Aussie Broadband fibre build will connect YourDC’s Edinburgh Parks facility in the north and Hawthorn in the south, with six Points of Interconnect (known as POIs in the industry), located at St Marys, Edwardstown, Prospect, Greenfields, Elizabeth and Modbury.

    Aussie Broadband CTO John Reisinger said YourDC was selected over other data centres primarily because of its ability to offer unique north-south corridor access and redundancy.

    “With YourDC’s twin data centre format, we can offer our managed service provider (MSP) customers unparalleled redundancy.

    MSPs use our Carbon platform to connect their customers to the NBN, so providing stable, high-speed services for bandwidth-hungry applications basically helps them grow their business.

    Each of the POIs will have a link back to each of the two YourDC data centres. If there was a natural disaster in one region, like a flood or blackout, we have automatic failover and backup power to rely on in both locations.”

    Aussie Broadband CTO John Reisinger

    Mr Reisinger co-founded Aussie Broadband with Managing Director Phillip Britt in 2008, helping to build a household name among ISPs, listing on the ASX last year, and today employing more than 700 staff.

    Mr Britt and YourDC founder Scott Hicks were both teenagers in the mid-1990s, already working in their own internet service businesses – Mr Hicks in an earlier iteration of Adam Internet, where he launched services such as ADSL2 broadband, WiMAX and Voice over IP to keep the state’s internet customers at the leading edge.

    “We were all pioneers of an industry that has become as critical as electricity or water in terms of infrastructure.

    YourDC is proud to partner with Aussie Broadband – this infrastructure investment demonstrates their commitment to providing high-performing connectivity to South Australia. What we offer by return is flexibility and access to our ecosystem of MSPs and telecommunications carriers which is second to none in South Australia.” 

    YourDC founder Scott Hicks

    Mr Reisinger said that the work was now largely complete, and final completion of the project would be achieved in early 2022.

    “YourDC worked with us to streamline the process, meaning we can build our customer base quickly, doing in days what can take months.

    It’s all about the people for us at Aussie, and the team at YourDC are simply great people to work with. We share the same ethos, that the customer needs to understand the technology you’re offering, without confusing tech buzzwords or unnecessary complication. 

    Together with YourDC we bring fibre closer to service providers, which ultimately means lower prices and greater competition for the end user – whether business or residential.

    Aussie Broadband CTO John Reisinger
    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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