Breaking: SONY to start making Electric Cars, under Sony Mobility Inc

Last year at CES, Sony brought a concept car, which the world understood was a platform to showcase their display, audio and other technologies. Today at CES 2022, they unveiled a new concept car, this time, an SUV, rather than a sporty sedan.

Sony were very light on details, but this new concept car looks the part, both outside and in and with two concept cars on stage, the question was clear, is Sony actually going to start making cars?

Sony’s Chairman, President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, announced a brand new division of the company, known as Sony Mobility Inc, which will be used to start commercialsing electric vehicles. Wild!

We’ll certainly be keen to learn more about Sony’s ambitions in the automotive space, but they do have a lot of the right technology pieces required to create a great electric car.

Sony has a long history with cameras and optics, necessary for any computer vision and autonomy story, they have great skills in performance hardware, as evidenced by the PS5, and their display technology for interior displays is some of the best in the industry.

If the next generation of auto company’s are going to be led by technology companies, then Sony is well positioned to make interesting vehicles, your move Apple.

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Jason Cartwright
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