Can Netflix get you chilled on Valentine’s Day?


    This Sunday is Valentine’s Day and forget long walks on the beach, it seems Aussie’s would prefer to ‘Netflix and chill’ instead. A recent Netflix study of Australians, shows that 71 % have added TV shows or specific movie genres to their dating/social media profile to attract a potential suitor.


    Naturally you’ll want to have things in common with your partner and simlar likes in the movie department will go a long way. It seems many Aussies are leveraging their favourite TV shows and movie picks to help pad out their dating profiles online, a massive 71%. While traditionally a good date included a dinner and the movies, increasingly that is turning into a home movies, powered by streaming services like Netflix. 49% of respondents thought movies and 38% thought TV shows are the best icebreakers for a first date.

    Could Showmance lead to Romance?
    32% of people surveyed say show-compatibility is important. Given the countless hours of binge watching we do with Netflix, I have to agree, you better like the person sitting next to you (or on top of you). In fact, 10% have asked someone out based solely on show-compatibility.

    Getting serious
    Honesty is the best policy, usually, but when it comes to keeping the peace 42% of people in a relationship have pretended to like a movie or TV show their partner has recommended. I’ve certainyl found its generally a good idea to try new shows regardless of where the recommendation comes from, even if on the surface they’re not from a genre you’d typically choose from. Its often these shows that are the hidden gems in the ever growing catalogue.

    Staying in is the new going out.
    39% of respondents who are currently dating, say staying in and watching Netflix together is one of their favourite ways to spend a casual date night, rising to 66% once they become an official couple. When it comes to saving money, its also hard to beat, given a night out at the movies would easily pay for 3 months of Netflix, just as long as you supply the big screen.

    Stream Together, Stay Together.
    34% say that they bond with their significant other over Netflix, with 35% of married couples claiming that a night on the couch with Netflix is their favourite date night activity.

    Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.
    Almost one in five (19%) admit to show-swapping with their partner – watching a show recommended by a partner in return for watching a show of their own choosing. When you’re done binging your favourite shows and are over waiting for the next season, its a good opportunity to expand your horizons. Sure Netflix has recommendations, but they don’t always deliver what you need.

    Trying to make your profile pop?
    Netflix is trying to get you laid and to help with that, they have some data on the most attractive movies in the top 5 genres to attract a potential partner. Add these to your favourite social network or dating profile and get chatting:

    1. Dramas (64%): House of Cards, Gotham, Narcos or Orange is the new Black
    2. Action films and TV shows (54%): Marvel’s Daredevil, Taken or Mr. & Mrs Smith
    3. Horror (35%): American Horror Story, Final Destination or Saw
    4. Sci-Fi/Fantasy (33%): Interstellar, Falling Skies or Merlin
    5. Sitcoms (32%): Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, How I Met Your Mother or The Office

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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