CASPA to require TiVo users to register to browse (updated)


    I’ve had confirmation from Hybrid TV PR, makers of TiVo in Australia, that TiVo users will still be able to browse CASPA content without a wallet (registering), but won’t be able to download. This is the current situation, which begs the question, why the email if nothing has changed?

    TiVo owners will be familiar with the CASPA menu item that provides access to video on-demand content. This is currently open to browse, but requires signup before downloading even free content, this is about to change.

    In an email message to TiVo owners users yesterday, TiVo is now requiring users to create a CASPA wallet (i.e. hand over your credit card) to even browse the store. If users can’t preview the content before signing up, I’m not sure how they are expected to know why they’d want CASPA in the first place.

    Thanks TiVo, but I’ll pass. Now I have a dead menu item, not the best user experience. Just let me hide CASPA and I’ll be happy.


    More @ TiVo

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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