Consumer Broadband in Australia

    Just about to go into the second session. This should be a very interesting session, it’s obviously a topic that effects techAU in a massive way. We’re always negotiating the balance between providing high quality content, whilst being conscious of our users connection speeds. With the average consumer connection increasing, we look to provide a HD version of the show in the future. With faster internet speeds at the right price, with increased download limits, downloading a 1GB file would more than be acceptable.

    Currently downloading an average video podcast takes around 30 minutes on a 1.5Mb connection, downloading the same file on an 8Mb connection takes around 10 minutes, and so on.

    One question I’d like 2 know is what others think faster internet will be used for ? HD video, real time gamin/training environments, video conferencing taking over traditional phone calls ?

    Follow up
    Paull Young – Aus blogger, now in the US.



    Speaker form Engine

    Topics covered..

    Dial-up became competitive, price of dial-up reduced, ISP’s going out of business.

    3/4 of households have computers
    1/2 of households have Internet
    Source: ABS

    Not much loyalty to ISP’s
    Line rental
    Speed isn’t the issue, price is… ?
    Speakers thoughts are majority of people’s priority is – Price, Download, Speed

    Strategy for IPTV is TIVO

    Naked DSL – no line rental

    Speaker from Go-Talk

    Reading from a Newspaper article, stats indicate older generation are heavier users of the web that younger people.

    Pulls out old story of oldest 107yo blogger, months old.

    Reads out tech support website story, is clear she has no idea about the terms on the story.

    Refers to TV setup evolution as an example of what the PC / phone should work like.

    Speaker from Netcomm

    Discussion around government solutions
    Says dial-up is not dead
    Demand is not for speed
    New filters for ADSL2+
    Fibre to the Node uses VDSL required to be within 1.5km of exchange, ADSL2 required to be within 5km.
    Estate in TAS 20 Mb downstream / 1Mb upstream, can get synchronous of same as download.
    17 Million mobile users in Australia
    3G can be increased to go through multi-story buildings.

    Follow up
    Real time Australia 

    David Haviat
    Haviat associats

    Hand outs, really, technology conference and we can’t get a projector ?

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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