CSIRO get $4.4 Mil to make jackets charge your iPod


    Ok so the goal of this is actually a lot broader than charging your iPod, but hey it makes for a good headline 🙂

    Expect to hear the acronym FIED a lot more as Flexible Integrated Energy Devices get closer to production. Only in the research / development phase the idea is that clothing of the future (around 5 years from now) will use piezoelectric material which essentially creates power when it’s squeezed or deformed. I’m assuming that movement against the human body counts as this, so running or even walking would create power.

    Might be well worth Scott Evest keeping an eye on this technology, he’s been creating clothing that carries all types of gadgets for a long time now. The next best addition would be to have them charge at the same time. Imagine the battery life.

    I love when Australian new is posted on US-based sites, it gives makes for great publicity for Aus.

    More @ Ars Technica, Engaget and SMH.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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