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    DC Universe Online players are complaining that while gameplay is fun, it takes a very short time to reach the maximum level. Many players have been levelling up their second and third characters while they wait for Sony Online Entertainment to release a content patch.

    Well it seems the wait is almost over! Today a new video was posted on, a sneak peak at the coming “group combat raid”: The Batcave’s Inner Sanctum. Apparently Batman can’t take care of his own house and has requested that you come help him. He needs you to keep “Brother Eye”, a renegade AI, distracted. I hate it when games do this, Sony has set you up to be a super hero and now they are having you be Batman’s sidekick. First of all, being a sidekick isn’t heroic. Secondly, Batman needs no sidekick, having Robin around was a bad idea. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

    More information @ GameTrailers

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