Do you love Razer enough to wear their clothes?

If you’re into gaming, chances are, you will have some kind of Razer gaming product in your life. The company makes keyboards, mice, headphones, webcams, monitors, laptops and even gaming chairs.

As we buy products that we enjoy, it often becomes part of our identity and we like to show off our love for the brand.

Razer is hoping to capitalise on this brand loyalty with a new global lifestyle brand for gamers which includes two stylish collections: Genesis and Unleashed. These collections feature hats, shorts, shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants and more.

Razer’s fresh take on fashion includes daring lines, bold designs, quality craftsmanship, and intentional functionality. Genesis and Unleashed are the essential collections For Gamers. By Gamers.

We really take the feedback we receive from our community to heart. We heard them when they said they wanted more Razer Apparel, as our previous drops were selling out too fast. Now our fans can expect even more from Razer Apparel in the coming seasons as we continue to invest in this space by adding more designers in house who truly understand the fashion landscape and our community of gamers.

Addie Tan, Associate Director of Business Development at Razer.


Razer Genesis is distinguished by its minimalistic designs and subtle green lines, featuring Razer’s iconic tripled-headed snake logo and branding.

Designed with comfort in mind, this collection consists of a classic t-shirt and shorts as well as a must-have bucket hat and a stylish bomber jacket that has a concealable hood and waterproof zippers.

Instantly recognizable with Razer’s black and green colours, Razer Genesis was made for those who like to strike a balance between effortless style and comfort with versatile pieces made for everyday wear, inside or outside.


Razer Unleashed, as the name implies, features bold and oversized prints unleashing the Razer brand across a variety of stylish gear created for the ultimate fan. This collection includes an oversized Tee, a stylish sweatshirt with seamless pockets and casual shorts. The zip-up hoodie, big enough to go over gaming headsets, was specifically designed with the gamer in mind.

The tops pair nicely with jogger pants and shorts, and to complete the look, gamers have a choice of a snapback cap or a bucket hat. This collection is also in Razer’s iconic black and green colours with oversized Razer wordmarks for those who like to flaunt their allegiance.


Razer Genesis Tee: $79.95 AUD | $89.95 NZD
Razer Genesis Bomber Jacket: $159.95 AUD | $179.95 NZD
Razer Genesis Shorts: $109.95 AUD | $119.95 NZD
Razer Genesis Bucket Hat: $59.95 AUD | $69.95 NZD

Razer Unleashed Oversized Tee: $99.95 AUD | $109.95 NZD
Razer Unleashed Sweatshirt: $109.95 AUD | $119.95 NZD
Razer Unleashed Zip Hoodie: $159.95 AUD | $179.95 NZD
Razer Unleashed Shorts: $99.95 AUD | $109.95 NZD
Razer Unleashed Jogger Pants: $129.95 AUD | $139.95 NZD
Razer Unleashed Snapback Cap: $59.95 AUD | $69.95 NZD
Razer Unleashed Bucket Hat: $59.95 AUD | $69.95 NZD

The new apparel collections join Razer’s best-selling gaming and lifestyle products, and ever-growing ecosystem of hardware, software, and services, giving fans the ultimate way to show their love for the gaming community.

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