Huawei calls the ABC anti-droid and demands iView on Android devices


Chinese manufacturer Huawei has called on the ABC to get over its anti-droid bias and get the iView app on Android smartphones now. 

This has come after the latest Australian smartphone sales figures has shown that Android devices now have the overwhelming majority of the Australian smartphone market, with Huawei saying that it’s time for the ABC to get over it’s Apple favouritism.

“Like many Australian Android users, I have been hearing ‘the Android iView app is coming’ for far too long,” said Huawei Corporate Affairs Director Jeremy Mitchell. “Despite the claims of the ABC, there has been no real evidence that there is any desire to fill this blatant gap. It feels like Godot will arrive before the iView app gets here on Android.”

The ABC was granted $30 million to strengthen its online service delivery in 2013, yet even though the iView app has been available for iOS since 2010 there has been no signs of it coming to any other mobile devices.

This seems to be a continued issue with a lot of  services which have apps on Apple’s devices but nothing on Android, even with its market dominance.

Come on Kev, help a Droid user out – maybe make a promise to give Android users apps as part of your election campaign?

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