Huawei’s ecosystem allows devices to work better together

When you buy a device, you may not be aware of it at the time, but you’re really buying into an ecosystem. While many devices can work with other brand names just fine, there are often advantages to buying multiple products from the one manufacturer.

We experience this without insurance policies where we often receive a multi-policy discount, but when software is involved, the developers of that product, have a real opportunity to make their products work better together than any other device, encouraging you to buy not just one product, but maybe two or three.

Recently I’ve been spending time with Huawei’s latest flagship products,  the P40 Pro and Matebook X Pro, which are a perfect example of this ecosystem.

These days we all can snap some pretty amazing photos on our smartphones, that still may require some optimising or editing before publishing. This can mean struggling with the workflow in transferring those files from your phone to your computer, in a fast and easy way.

Given where we are with technology in 2020, this seems like a task that should be easy to achieve, but has remained a challenge, often requiring multiple steps to simply transfer photos from one device to another.

Thankfully, Huawei has a great solution to this problem. If you own a couple of Huawei devices, like the Matebook X Pro, and the P40 Pro, then you can simply tap your phone on the NFC contact point on the laptop and Huawei Share performs its magic.

The location is conveniently positioned next to the trackpad and as someone who usually has their smartphone on the desk next to my laptop, it’s super convenient.

The NFC tap prompts a Bluetooth connection between the two devices and once established, initiates the launch of EMUI Desktop that mirrors your phone’s display. Using the touchscreen, you can now navigate your phone, and it even rotates horizontally if you turn your phone.

If you open a photo and tap edit, the Matebook X Pro grabs that photo from your phone and opens it in the Huawei Image View on the desktop.

This means, the photo you just took appears on your computer ready to crop, rotate, or to simply save the file to your computer.

This workflow challenge is something I face on an almost daily basis and having this solved is a massive time saver. After using Huawei Share to transfer photos, it really makes me wish all mobile or camera devices had this capability and simplicity. For example, connecting devices like GoPro’s wirelessly is still a headache and I often end up reaching for the closest USB cable, or popping the microSD card into an adapter.

Huawei ships the Matebook X Pro with a clean version of Windows 10 but have added some magic to enable this experience. Huawei’s PC Manager comes pre-installed, of which EMUI Desktop is part of.

While the Matebook X Pro doesn’t come equipped with 4G, Huawei have made connecting to your phone’s hotspot super simple with a feature of PC Manager called ‘Instant Hotspot’.

When enabled, your computer switches from any existing WiFi connections to use the 4G connection from your phone. When you think through how this works, it is quite impressive. Enabling the feature enables the hotspot on the Huawei smartphone, then changes the active network connection of the laptop to connect to that smartphone hotspot, all without you having to enter the hotspot’s password.

You can easily track how much data you’ve consumed in the PC Manager application, as well as set a daily limit to ensure you don’t break your data cap.

If you work in the social media industry, then snap, edit, publish will be a familiar workflow. Often, we’re dealing with time-sensitive content and during an event, you can be required to repeat this dozens of times in a short period of time.

Having a fast and efficient workflow like this one from Huawei can really make your life easier, something only achievable by leveraging devices from the same manufacturer.

To take advantage of Huawei’s device ecosystem and improve your workflow, make sure you check out Huawei’s End of Financial Year (EOFY) sale, where you can save up to 25% on the MateBook D 14 or 15 and $200 off the P40 Pro, before 30 June.

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