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Apple has now released the iOS7 update that was first revealed back at WWDC. The new update will be familiar for developers and journalists who watch Apple news, but today is the first day ‘normal people’ get to use it. The reaction online so far has been pretty mixed, some loving it, some, well, preferring the way things were.

Change is hard people, but you really have little option than to embrace what’s new. The first thing you can do is change the background which will dramatically alter the overall feel of iOS7. The new control panel is probably one best improvements.

After you update your iPhone or iPad, you’ll probably want to head to the App Store to check for App updates. Many developers have been working hard to have the new UI implemented for the release today. Camera+ being one great example.

As always, it is best to play it safe and do a full backup before updating. While everything should go smoothly, if it doesn’t your precious photos and data are at risk of being lost. A couple of things to remember, not all features are available on all devices. While the update will be available for iPhone 4’s, not everything will be available.

More information on iOS7 at Apple.

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