iPads dominate Australian International Motor Show

Melbourne Auto Show 2011

From the 1st to the 10th of July, the Melbourne Exhibition Centre is playing host to the Australian International Motor Show. It is one of the biggest opportunities for manufacturers to showcase the latest automotive technology. A major theme of the show was electric vehicles, with most of the manufacturers showcasing either EV concepts or cars ready for production in 2012.

One other theme for the show was iPads being used as information display devices for each vehicle. If you were unsure why there’s still an iPad 2 shortage, it’s likely because car companies bought them.. in bulk. Apparently nearly all the manufacturers got the memo because they were everywhere. Another use for the iPad was as a customer data entry point, most which were running custom applications that aren’t available in the App Store, however most information is on their website.

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By no means were iPads the only technology on display at the show, there was plenty of driving simulators, touchscreens, iMacs, iPhone apps, even a v1 Microsoft surface. One of the most impressive vehicles at the show was a concept car by Hyundai called the Blue2 (Codename HND-6) which featured video displays on the front and rear bumpers as well as a cockpit that apparently runs Windows 7.

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Here’s some fun facts about the motor show..

■ Over 300 semi trailer loads of equipment is required to build exhibitor stands for the Motor Show.
■ Over 450 people work on site during the Move-In to get the Motor Show built. These include riggers, electricians, tilers, carpenters, sound and lighting engineers and plumbers.
■ Around 150 mobile phones are found in and around the Motor Show during public days.
■ Almost 8km of staging truss for lighting grids and 65km of electrical cable is used in the construction of exhibitor stands and set up of audio visual equipment.
■ Over 23,000sqm of floating floor and carpet used in the exhibition.
■ Approximately 400 motor vehicles will be displayed when the Show is completed!

More information @ http://motorshow.com.au/

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