It’s not just you, Salesforce is down globally (Update: it’s back)

One of the largest cloud software providers, Salesforce is currently offline around the world. The service is used by tens of thousands of businesses and millions of employees.

The service has been down for more than an hour now and large companies have started to appologise to customers for being offline, as many use Customer Cloud to service user requests. Internally businesses will be dramatically impacted with Salesforce Sales and Service clouds also being offline.

Even Salesforce’s own Status page is down, typically the place you’d turn for direct updates from the company.

Update 12PM (AEST)

After almost 4 hours, Salesforce services look to now be at least partially operational. The status page is now loading and reports online are spreading that users can access their Salesforce orgs.

Calls to Salesforce’s Australian phone number, are not being answered, the robo response indicates they are having a service disruption and callers are directed to the online status page, which as we know is also down.

On their help.salesforce page, they have managed to post an advisory.

Multiple Salesforce Applications Disrupted

At 21:46 UTC on May 11, 2021, The Salesforce Technology team became aware of an issue impacting multiple Salesforce services. Customers will experience issues while navigating multiple Salesforce services, including the Core application, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Government Cloud, and Experience Cloud (fka Communities).

The impact is also impacting the Salesforce Trust site, is not accessible.

The team is all hands on deck exploring multiple swimlanes as a potential cause of the issue. This includes the possibility of a block implemented by a DNS provider, as well as any recent network changes.

The CTO and co-founder of Salesforce, Parker Harris has posted on Twitter and suggests the issue is DNS related. The debrief on this one needs to be extensive, as it seems strange that Salesforce would not be aware of potential impacts caused by changing DNS records. For those not familiar with DNS, CloudFlare have a great run down here.

Despite Harris being optimistic of a prompt resolution, it’s been almost an hour since this post and the service is still offline. The status page is still bust.

Naturally the next option is to see what Salesforce are communicating to customers via their social media accounts. Unfortunately Salesforce have not posted regarding the major incident that will certainly be breaking SLAs.

There is currently no ETA for a resolution on this massive outage.

With a Salesforce outage being incredibly rare in recent times, some speculated this could be the result of a cyber attack, particularly in light of the recent Cyber attacks on a US supply line.

Salesforce Partners Groundswell Cloud Solutions indicate the outage relates to AWS and is showing no signs of a cyber incident at this stage.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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