Kinect used to control Hue lights


Kinect has been used for many hacks, but the latest is to operate the colour and brightness or Phillips Hue multicolour LED lights. Mike Bourgeous connected a Microsoft Kinect, a number of Phillips Hue bulbs and Nitrogen Logic’s Depth Camera Controller.

First I demonstrate how different zones can trigger different actions using several small zones placed around my monitor. Then I show the basic features of the Hue Support section on the controller’s Settings page. Finally, I briefly show the Automation Rules page, which is used to connect events from a zone (e.g. entered/exited, changes in surface area or position, etc.) to a change in the lights.

It’s a neat effect, although I’d configure the gestures differently than reaching awkwardly around your monitor. Perhaps an even better integration would be to add voice. It’s one thing to have your presence be detected in a room and turn on or change colour, but there’s often different environments like watching a movie, programming or gaming for which you’d like to switch modes.

More info @ Mike’s blog.

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