LASER launches new AmbiColour RGB ambient smart light range

    Australian consumer electronics company LASER has announced the expansion of its CONNECT SmartHome range with the launch of its new AmbiColour RGB ambient smart light range.

    You might be thinking these lights look kind of similar to Nanoleaf products, yup some of them do. Time will tell if these cheaper clones of Nanoleaf Hexagons etc will provide quality light output and be as reliable.

    LASER AmbiColour lights are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa so users can control them via voice command or as standalone products controlled via the CONNECT SmartHome app (Android/iOS), with a remote control also included in several products.

    Since entering the market four years ago, CONNECT SmartHome has gone from strength to strength. In early 2020 it became the first smart home brand to offer $10 smart light bulbs, effectively positioning a smart option against its traditional lighting counterpart, a move that has since seen LASER and its CONNECT Smart Home brand become the leading smart lighting brand by volume.

    Chris Lau, Managing Director of LASER and Head of CONNECT SmartHome commented:

    “Over the past four years we’ve seen Australians embrace smart technology like never before, which in turn has made their lives easier and safer. With today’s news we can add colour and vibrancy to people’s homes with smart lighting technology, giving people a chance to decorate their space differently and more affordably than has been possible before”

    “We’re excited to continue to educate the market around combining products to create schedules and scenes that enhance your life. With this range, they can be easily automated so that when you simply say ‘Hey Google, it’s party time’, or ‘Hey Google, it’s movie time’ your lights will meet the occasion and deliver an immersive entertainment experience”

    Lumens Light Output for each LASER AmbiColour Product

    CSH-9BAR-262 CSH AmbiColour Smart Light Bars 3780 Lumens per kit (20 Lumens per light * 21 lights per bar * 9 bars)

    CSH-LTVSY-279 CSH Ambicolour Smart TV Backlight LED Strip – 7200 Lumens per kit (20 Lumens per light * 60 lights per m * 6m)

    CSH-10HEX-248 CSH Ambicolour Smart Hexagon Lights:  These lights have 640.79 Lumens

    CSH-10TRI-255 CSH AmbiColour Smart Triangle Lights:  These lights have 494.15 Lumens

    CSH-DIYCL-231  CSH AmbiColour Smart Light Curtain – This is a RGB curtain light used for primarily decorative purposes. The white light has a RGB-mixed colour effect, therefore not possible to obtain a Lumen measurement.

    Neerav Bhatt
    Neerav Bhatt
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