LG 2019 TV pricing and availability

LG’s 2019 TV lineup has been announced, with more models and sizes to choose from.

The company’s 2019 television range features the lovely LG 88-inch 8K Z9 OLED TV, which will deliver an in-home viewing experience like no other.

Dawn of the 8K era for LG

Powered by the Alpha 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor, the LG 88-inch 8K Z9 OLED TV combines 8K 6 step up-scaling and noise reduction to create a hyper realistic, sharp, vivid and detailed picture in 4K. In addition, the Alpha 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor powers the company’s 2019 75-inch 8K LED/LCD TV. Furthermore, HDMI 2.1 allows delivery of smoother and clearer motion through high frame rate (HFR). The first 8K TVs will land in Australian retailers in the second half of 2019.

LG OLED TVs incorporate intelligent updates people will love

Ahead of the LG 88-inch 8K Z9 OLED TV launching in the Australian market, the company will welcome three new LG AI ThinQ® OLED TV models to the range. Available in sizes from 55 to 77- inches, the line-up comes in varying form factors including Picture-on-Wall W9 Wallpaper TV (model 77/65W9), Picture-on-Glass E9 OLED TV (model 65/55E9) and Cinema Screen C9 OLED TV (model 77/65/55C9) with the added benefit of ultra-thin bezels to enhance the overall look.

“We’re continuing to push boundaries with our roster of home entertainment products in 2019 by introducing bigger, better and smarter TVs than our previous range. More and more Australians are falling in love with LG OLED TVs – their perfect blacks and stunning visual experience – and this year with the added AI benefits embedded in these models viewers will truly get the best visual experience that LG has to offer,”

Angus Jones, General Manager of Marketing at LG Electronics Australia.

“We wowed visitors at CES this year with the LG SIGNATURE OLED R and its impressive rollable design. It’s an incredible product that truly redefines the TV viewing experience and further demonstrates our engineering capabilities at LG.”

“While the LG OLED R TV will be available outside Australia soon, we are still assessing interest from Australian retailers,” he added. “In the meantime, we are excited to bring Australian consumers the new range of OLED TVs in a variety of sizes and price points, matched with a game-changer Alpha 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor.”

Our most advanced processor to date, the Alpha 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor offers enhanced picture and sound experience. Developed with Artificial Intelligence, LG’s deep learning technology optimises the viewing experience based on both the source content and the context in which it is being viewed. The processor will identify the quality of the source material and produce the best possible audio-visual experience such as, clearer speech for the ultimate upgrade in home entertainment. 

Furthermore, LG continues to bring the best of what Hollywood technology offers in to the home, integrating 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos®, giving viewers an incredibly immersive home entertainment experience.

The LG SUPER UHD range is an upgrade for watching all the big games at home

The 2019 LG AI ThinQ™ SUPER UHD TV range, the company’s premium LED/LCD TV line-up, boasts larger screen sizes and continues to gather groups around the screen to catch the big game – no matter the code!

Available in sizes from 49 to 86 -inches and coming in a sleek form factor with ultra-thin bezels, the three models in the 2019 range include the SM94 (86/75/65); SM86 (75/65/55) and SM81(65/55/49) and are all equipped with Nano Cell technology.

With the 2019 LG SUPER UHD range, viewers will experience stunning colour and smooth fast-moving images at wide viewing angles.  Other features include, Full Array Dimming and Full Array Dimming Pro** to produce deeper blacks; Dolby Vision™ and Atmos® integration for a more realistic and immersive audio-visual experience and the Alpha 7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor, which super-charges the overall experience to offer viewers a great seat in house when watching the big game.

New selection of voice assistant integration across the 4K LG OLED, SUPER UHD and UHD Range

LG has yet again improved its AI ThinQ™ ecosystem within its 2019 TV range, offering consumers the ability to access the power of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (when available) via the LG Magic Remote or compatible smart device.

LG AI ThinQ provides users with conversational voice recognition that understands context and an easy-to-navigate Home Dashboard to view other smart home devices on the TV.

Furthermore, coming later this year 2019 LG TVs will also receive a software upgrade to support Apple AirPlay 2 for easy streaming of video and audio content and Apple Home Kit for connectivity to Apple’s smart home products. 2019 LG TV owners can also expect to receive a firmware update that will add Amazon Alexa support to complement Google Assistant. This integration makes LG the only TV brand to talk directly to both leading AI platforms without the need for additional hardware.

Select 2019 AI ThinQ OLED and SUPER UHD models will support HDMI 2.1 for viewing 4K content at a high frame rate of 120 frames per second. As well as, (4K HFR), Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

2019 LG webOS 4.5 and Magic Remote provide users with even simpler access to content

The 2019 webOS ribbon of applications on LG models is even easier to use. Users can simply hover the LG Magic Remote cursor over an application and thumbnails from when the application was last used will appear, which makes it easier for consumers to pick up on where they left off. For example, with one click of a button the TV user will be able start up their Netflix content again from where they last watched.

In addition, only in Australia, LG has worked with a metadata service to provide LG webOS users with extra detail and the latest information on the content they are viewing.

The suite of LG AI ThinQ™ OLED, SUPER UHD and UHD TVs will begin rolling out to retailers across Australia starting from April 2019.

For more details on the 2019 range of TV products please refer to the Fact Sheet below or visit http://www.lg.com/au/tvs/all-tvs

TV Pricing & Availability
RangeModel CodeRRPAvailability
OLEDOLED77W9PTA.AAU$                         19,999April
OLEDOLED65W9PTA.AAU$                            9,999May
OLEDOLED65E9PTA.AAU$                            7,099April
OLEDOLED55E9PTA.AAU$                            4,299April
OLEDOLED77C9PTA.AAU$                         15,999April
OLEDOLED65C9PTA.AAU$                            6,399March
OLEDOLED55C9PTA.AAU$                            3,899March
SUPER UHD86SM9400PTA.AAU$                         10,999July
SUPER UHD75SM9400PTA.AAU$                            7,899May
SUPER UHD65SM9450PTA.AAU$                            5,399April
SUPERUHD75SM8600PTA.AAU$                            5,299April
SUPER UHD65SM8600PTA.AAU$                            3,599April
SUPER UHD55SM8600PTA.AAU$                            2,499April
SUPER UHD65SM8100PTA.AAU$                            2,999April
SUPER UHD55SM8100PTA.AAU$                            2,199April
SUPER UHD49SM8100PTA.AAU$                            1,999April
UHD86UM7600PTA.AAU$                            7,999May
UHD82UM7600PTA.AAU$                            5,499July
UHD75UM7600PTA.AAU$                            3,699July
UHD65UM7600PTA.AAU$                            2,399April
UHD55UM7600PTA.AAU$                            1,799April
UHD50UM7600PTA.AAU$                            1,599April
UHD43UM7600PTA.AAU$                            1,299April
UHD70UM7300PTA.AAU$                            3,099April
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