LG is taking an 84” Ultra HD IPS Multi-touch display to CES 2013


    The pre-CES information is beginning to emerge, today we get news from LG regarding their booth setup. The diamond in the crown will be a 3D Video Wall made up of 122 LG 55-inch WV70MD screens. LG claim they have the world’s narrowest bezel-to-bezel measurement of just 5.3mm, the 3D Video Wall gives the viewer the impression that they are viewing a single enormous display.

    Potentially even more impressive is the 84-inch Ultra HD Multi-touch display. Before thoughts of seeing this baby in your living room, you should know it’s listed as ‘Signage’, this translates to you not being able to afford it. It’s really designed for trade shows and commercial applications, rather than commercial release.. at least for now.

    This is one of the largest multi-touch displays in the world, with Steve Ballmer recently showing off an 82” multi-touch display (Perceptive Pixel) at Build 2012. The key difference here isn’t the 2 extra inches in the LG display, but rather the UHD or 4K resolution.

    LG say they have reproductions of masterpieces from the world’s most prestigious museums to show on the display. An incredibly high pixel density means that even the most delicate brushstrokes can be viewed in great detail on the Ultra HD Multi-touch.

    Look out for much more CES coverage in January.

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