LG’s new DualUp Monitor will enhance your home office 

This week LG announce their DualUp Ergo (28MQ780) monitor availability for Australia, the latest addition to the LG Ergo monitor category. The new LG DualUp Ergo monitor offers sleek and practical design, enhanced connectivity, and premium user experience for both home and office workers, including creative professionals and programmers.  

At launch, LG Australia will be offering an exclusive 10% discount to the first 100 units sold via LG.com/au, before the LG DualUp Ergo monitor will be available from leading retailers in June.

The LG Ergo monitor lineup offers a range of monitor designs with a stand that adjusts to suit the users’ work style and professional requirements.

Featuring an advanced flexible design, the Ergo stand can be positioned at the preferred height, distance, and angle for a comfortable and sustainable user experience.

The benefits of the unique design enables comfortable posture, helping to reduce muscle-stress and increasing productivity through a customisable workstation set up that suits individual needs and the type of work performed. 

Joining the LG UltraGear Ergo 27GN880-B, LG UltraFine Ergo 32UN880-B, LG Ergo 27QN880-B, and LG UltraWide Ergo 34WN780-B monitors, the LG DualUp Ergo monitor has received accolades within the consumer technology industry.

Recognised in the 2022 Red Dot Awards as Best of the Best Honoree and the 2022 CES Innovation Awards Honoree, the LG DualUp Monitor Ergo is designed to deliver a superior display experience with greater ergonomic comfort. 

At LG, we are passionate about providing innovative technology that supports the ever-changing consumer demands for both home and office workers. Whether you are a content creator, office worker or designer, the new DualUp Ergo monitor delivers both practicality and efficiency for the modern professional.

“Offering a completely new form factor for the monitor screen, the DualUp Ergo will enable users to multitask with ease when completing creative tasks. It is an innovative solution that will help enhance productivity when working, particularly for those users who find themselves looking at information for extended periods of time on multiple screens or windows. 

Brad Reed, Head of B2B Marketing (Solutions for Business) at LG Electronics Australia. 

Double the Screen, Twice the Experience 

A multitasking powerhouse is ideal for all kinds of tasks such as content creation and coding, LG DualUp Ergo monitor features a Nano IPS display with a unique 16:18 aspect ratio to enhance efficiency. 

The innovative Square Double QHD (2,560 x 2,880) resolution monitor offers the same screen real estate as two 21.5-inch displays and has a vertical split view function that lets users see more in one glance, keeping a single monitor footprint with all information in one area, perfect for working from home in an efficient manner. 

Stunning Image Quality 

The 27.6-inch SDQHD (2,560 x 2,880, 16:18 aspect ratio) Nano IPS display supports a wider colour spectrum, 98 percent of DCI-P3 colour gamut and offers vibrant colour reproduction with the ability to display HDR10 content clearly. 

The DualUp Ergo also features auto brightness control whereby the sensor measures the ambient light in the surrounding environment and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly. Furthermore, the LG DualUp Ergo monitor features a response time of 5ms, with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a brightness of 300 nits.  

Enhanced Connectivity for Productivity 

Amplifying the multitasking experience, the LG DualUp Ergo allows users to control the on-screen content from two separate computers with the picture-by-picture feature. The built-in KVM features help manage the on-screen content with a single keyboard and mouse.

Users can stream content and edit video content in two applications displayed on the screen at the same time, allowing users to work more efficiently by being able to see more information in one place.  

Additionally, the monitor includes multiple connectivity solutions, including two HDMI ports, one upstream USB-C, and two downstream USB Type-C. The ports enable charging (up to 90W) while also displaying connectivity at the same time. By connecting two cables via the HDMI Display Port and USB Type-C users can utlise a dual monitor setup, enabling control of two spaces on the screen without using additional software or shortcuts.  

Elevated Comfort 

In addition to helping boost productivity, the LG DualUp monitor elevates user comfort with the inclusion of the ultra-adjustable LG Ergo stand. The LG Ergo stand can adjust height and tilt, swivel or pivot as needed. Moreover, the stand saves space as it clamps securely to most desks and tables.

The double-height screen of LG DualUp monitor also reduces side-to-side head movements, offering relief for consumers who experience neck pain.  

The 2022 LG DualUp monitor will be available at LG.com/au from 23 May 2022 and rolling out across leading retailers from June 2022 for RRP A$1,299. 

To find out more, head to lg.com/au/ergo-monitors.  

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