LogMeIn free access to remote work software because Coronavirus

Earlier today I suggested that the Coronavirus could increase working from home. It seems LogMeIn agrees, today offering free access to Governments, Educational institutions, healthcare organisations and non-profits.

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID–19) continues to cause individuals and companies around the world to question how best to conduct their business during this outbreak.

As part of the response plans of many organisations, they’ll be considering the ability to conduct business with their employees working remotely.

LogMeIn says they’ve seen an almost doubling of the use of their products in Asia in recent weeks. Internationally there are also significant spikes in traffic, suggesting growth in remote working is parallelling the spreading of the virus.

In response to the spread of Coronavirus, businesses are now making important decisions around:

  • Eliminate unnecessary travel
  • Participating in online events rather than in person
  • Marketing teams are rethinking holding events for product launches
  • IT teams planning for business continuity and remote worker support
  • Schools and employers taking a firmer stance on employee and student illness
  • Local/regional municipalities and health care providers gearing up to maintain and even further ramp their community support services

The free company-wide use of LogMeIn’s collaboration and remote access products is available for three months.

The “Emergency Remote Work Kits” cover solutions for meetings and video conferencing, webinars and virtual events, remote IT support/management and remote device access (GoToMeeting/GoTo, Pro, Central, Rescue), to ensure these critical organisations stay connected when it matters most.

Get more information on Emergency Remote Work Kits here.

Best practices for embracing remote work

LogMeIn has also created a useful resource center with tips and best practices on how to master the shift to remote working for employees, managers and IT teams.

For example, this article on Tips For First-Time Remote Workers along with a guide to Understanding The Challenges of a Fully Remote Workforce as well as other content already available on this resource center.

This page will be updated, along with our social channels with educational materials from both LogMeIn staff and third party experts in the coming days and weeks. You can learn more by visiting their remote work resource center.

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