Major development in Australia’s biggest copyright case


Aussie ISP iiNet is standing up for their customers. The federal court has ruled today that Aussie ISP’s won’t be required to hand over user details of customers who Illegally downloaded the movie Dallas Buyers Club. iiNet say they absolutely don’t condone piracy, but they also don’t believe litigation is the solution to Australia’s piracy problem. The solution is for content creators to make content available in more affordable and faster.

This landmark decision counters the initial decision from back in April, where a group of ISPs — iiNet, Internode, Adam Internet, Dodo, Wideband and Amnet Broadband were being committed handing over the details of the infringing IP addresses of more than 4,700 Australians responsible for the illegal downloads. Dallas Buyers Club LLC had planned on sending letters to the pirates, but that’s no longer going to happen. Not unless they dramatically change their claim and lays down a significant $600,000 bank bond.

Dallas Buyers Club LLC wanted to charge those who shared the film, thousands of dollars in licencing fees, like a distributor, not like an individual who hit the upload button. In many cases, bit torrent clients that downloaded the film will have auto-share enabled to help the community. Unless users explicitly go and turn this off, you may have downloaded the movie illegally, but then be liable for licencing. That is unless there was a sensible judge who understands. Thankfully Justice Nye Perram presiding over the case described this proposal as “so surreal as not to be taken seriously”.

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We’re extremely pleased with the decision handed down by Justice Perram today. From the outset, we’ve never supported…

Posted by iiNet on Thursday, August 13, 2015

This is very likely not, the end of this story.

More information at SMH and ABC.

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