Mark Pesce would rather eat a bullet, than do another Kickstarter


    The story of Moore’s Cloud Light project is a troubled one. The ambitious goal of $750,000 on Kickstarter was always going to be tough and not surprisingly the project fell short. The 1,950 backers helped raise just $275,000. Creator Mark Pesce says he’s learnt a lot through the process but now prefers traditional venture funding which has funded the development of Holiday, basically Light repackaged.

    He’s so damaged by the crowd funding process (read: failure) that he says

    “I’d probably rather eat a bullet than do a Kickstarter campaign again”

    Paul Wallbank got a chance to sit down and interview Pesce discusses the journey of commercialising Moore’s Cloud, the Holiday lighting system and the Internet of Things. It’s clear from the interview that Pesce is still passionate about using light to visualise data, in particular giving developers APIs to leverage the platform.

    Holiday, the world’s smartest Christmas lights, as available today at for $199.99 but Pesce says they have a retail partnership organised that will be announced in the coming weeks.

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