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Brisbane art director and designer, Fred Nerby has come up with a seriously nice design for Facebook. His intention is for the concept to be used for desktop and iPad, but I think a much better use of the design, would be the still unreleased Windows 8 Facebook app.

The Facebook concept design comes with a video to show off how slick animations would make Facebook come alive. While all the pages are incredibly well designed (as reflected in the comments), one that sticks out for me is the event page. This mockup just looks stunning and something I want to use.


Of course the photos used in the design make Facebook look gorgeous, just remember, you’re friends aren’t this pretty. It would be interesting to see how the timeline looked with everyday people, not model photography. Still it is an amazing effort from an Aussie and also allowed me to discover Behance, a great site for creatives.

Facebook, you have a lot of really smarty and talented people working for you, it’s time to add one more. Give this man a job and turn this design into reality. If Microsoft were smart, they could help out in this transaction (read: open their wallet) to deliver a showcase app like this on Windows 8.

Check out the awesome video of the design below.


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