Microsoft are building a gaming tablet…?

Reports straight out of The Verge, who have elected not to disclose sources relating to this matter, are detailing (and practically confirming) that Microsoft is ready to begin building its own gaming tablet.

Simply stating that “multiple sources familiar with plans” have been in contact with them, the report explains that Microsoft is definitely going to add an extra dimension to its hugely successful gaming platform in the Xbox. The “Xbox Surface”, as it is being dubbed, will (reportedly) use a custom edition of Windows Client as a front-end interface, offer a seven-inch display, a custom ARM-badged processor, five Gigabytes of system memory and a quarter of a Terabyte of system storage– in addition to a huge list of other bells and whistles.

The alleged specification for Microsoft’s “Xbox Surface”, which were leaked back in June.

The Verge also made note of the fact that the Microsoft have “locked down” a number of offices, presumably to hide any sensitive testing and development details that may leak. Although further details haven’t yet been confirmed, and there are a vast amount of rumours mixed with excitement and impatience, we will cover this project as more information is released.

Until then, leave a comment below detailing your opinion of the possibility of seeing a Microsoft gaming tablet. Based on the above specifications, assuming they’re somewhat accurate, what can users expect to pay for such a device when it does indeed hit the shelves? in addition, what operations should users expect an “Xbox Tablet” to perform? Join the conversation below.. Do it!!

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