Microsoft making their own tablets, the new Microsoft Surface


Microsoft’s big announcement today has been kicked off with Steve Ballmer announcing a brand new Microsoft Surface. The 10.6” Tablet will be made by Microsoft who now believes in the Apple way of owning the experience end-to-end. This is sure to alienate hardware partners, but should result in benefits to consumers and lift the bar.

One of the more interesting elements of the Microsoft Surface (tablet) is a case that does double-duty as a touch sensitive keyboard. Microsoft claim that touch typing is possible on this new style of keybaord.

There will be two models, the Windows RT Surface runs an NVidia chip and hold 32 or 64GB, while the Pro version will be powered by Intel and come in 64 and 128GB of storage. While both devices will be 10.6″, the cheaper RT version is 9.3mm, 676g and has a 720 display. The more expensive Pro version weighs 903g, 13.5mm and have a full HD (1920×1080) display. While no battery life numbers were provided, the two models use a 31.5 and 42 watt hour batteries respectively. For a full list of specs from the two models, check out the Surface spec PDF.

Before the announcement is event complete the preview site for the new Microsoft Surface has gone live providing images of the device.


Original Image credits to Engadget.

Microsoft has provided a video showcasing the new Surface.

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