My Tesla Model 3 got home-delivered, like the supercar that it is

Buying a Tesla is quite a different experience than any other car you’ve bought in your life. The ordering process happens online and takes just a couple of minutes.

When it comes to actually getting your car, that experience depends a lot on your location. If you’re in a metro area, you’ll get invited to your nearest service/delivery centre, to go pick it up.

If you’re like me and live in a regional location, the closest location is more than 350km away and Tesla will offer (may even require) a home delivery. Typically getting a vehicle delivered to your house is reserved for those buying supercars worth multiple millions of dollars, so it feels pretty special to have a truck turn up with your car.

After a few minutes of unloading, the delivery driver lets you check the car and is then on his way.

I have heard of others getting an agreement on an iPad to sign, however, mine arrived in the inbox after delivery had already occurred.

After logging out of the app and back in, the car was then available to control and I could then configure my phone as the key.

Today was certainly a very different experience to the Mitsubishi dealership I walked into 14 years ago to buy my first car. Different better. While the whole experience took longer than buying from a legacy automaker, the end results in the car I received couldn’t be further apart.

While the car is certainly not cheap, it is the cheapest that Tesla make in their lineup of premium, all-electric cars. I know I’ll likely never be in a position to afford a Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren or similar, so I like to say the Model 3 is the Supercar I could afford. When you look at the performance numbers, the car’s not too far away for a fraction of the price.

Getting to experiencing the vehicle being home-delivered today was pretty special, something my wife and I will always remember.

More details in my initial impressions post.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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  1. Excellent review. I live in California and I’ve had my Model LR 3 for since Feb 2018. I drive it frequently on long distances up to the Sierra mountains and throughout Southern California. The Model 3 is far and away the most extraordinary, exceptional and best vehicle I’ve owned by far for the reasons you mention and more. The acceleration, handling, comfort, window visibility, styling, storage space, winter weather operations, 310 mileage range, sound system, big screen interface, minimalist wood finish interior, highest rated safety, absence for any ICE maintenance requirements and regular software updates constantly improving the vehicle quite simply leave me wondering why anyone would waste money on any other car. I love to drive and driving the Model 3 is the best car driving experience possible.

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