New Facebook for WordPress plugin, goodbye RSS Graphiti

Facebook WordPress plugin

Those of us running WordPress-based sites should check out a new plugin that adds Facebook functionality to your site. The setup is pretty easy, just log into the admin panel of your self-hosted WP site and Add New plugin. Search for Facebook and the first result will be the new 1.0 version of Facebook for WordPress.

Once installed the setup guides you through the process of creating a Facebook app at for your website and then inserting the resulting App ID and Secret into your Facebook plugin.

Once configured you then get options to post new blog entries to your personal timeline or to a Page you admin. You can also enable Like and Subscribe buttons above, or below posts. The Facebook for WordPress plugin also allows you to use the Facebook comment engine for your blog. Keen in mind your page can get messy easily with these options, particularly if you already have other sharing plugins like AddThis or ShareThis enabled.

Facebook for WordPress

The plugin also adds a link to your Facebook insights page, it would have been nice to see these insights be pulled into your WordPress Dashboard, but Facebook clearly wants that data to stay inside FB walls.

It is important to remember to disable any other services you had for passing blog posts to Facebook. techAU had been using RSS Graphiti after the RSS function in Notes was deprecated last year. If you do end up double-posting, your users will certainly get annoyed fast, so if you enable Social Publisher, be sure to update your existing setup.

The plugin is available @ and has around 4k downloads so far.

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