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Windows 10 will come with a brand new Photos app. Like many of what we seen today, this is a universal app that runs across phone and tablet. The app collects photos from local and network drives, as well as online sources like OneDrive. The goal here is to surface your growing collection of photos in intelligent ways.

You’ll see from the photo below that there’s a new hero graphic ahead of a collection of photos. This also highlights the people included in the gallery, assuming you’ve done the tagging. We’ve seen in the past that Windows Live Photo Gallery could sync Facebook tags down to your local files, it’s likely that will continue. This will help speed up the process of making smart galleries.

By leveraging location information in the metadata of the photos, these collections could also surface trips away. The plan here is to have photo collections come together automatically without the user having to do the hard work of organising, tagging, categorising etc.

As someone who’s been taking digital photos from 2002, I have one of these massive collections and would love to see an app that helps make sense of hundreds of thousands of photos. One of the biggest challenges is speed, often adding locations of large photos collections makes applications fall over. We’ll only know the performance of the new photo app once we get hands on next week.

Expect these collections to be shareable, out to Facebook and other popular social networks. There’s some more editing controls also coming to the app, so it looks like the future of photos on Windows isn’t in the Windows Live Photo Gallery, but this, universal Windows 10 app.

Cortana featured heavily throughout today’s event, but there was no mention of photo integration. I’d love to be able to walk up to my computer and say “hey Cortana, show me photos from my trip to San Francisco”, or “start a slideshow of my sister’s birthday” and have it just work.


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