Office 2019: OneNote is going UWP only

The Office 2019 news has started with Microsoft revealing overnight the first big change to the Office suite. OneNote for Windows 10 will replace OneNote 2016 as the default OneNote experience for both Office 365 and Office 2019.

OneNote is a much loved product and reaction to this announcement has been largely negative. In theory, the older 32/64-bit desktop app and the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP)-based OneNote could offer the same (or very similar) functionality, but as of today, there are large differences between the two. Microsoft says those features missing from the UWP app today will be addressed by the time Office 2019 rolls out, so there’s a large element of wait and see on this.

For everyday users of OneNote, the underlying codebase doesn’t and shouldn’t matter to the user, moving forward the product should get better, with new functionality, not simply a goal of replacing like for like. For now, Microsoft have only hinted at a couple of improvements, mainly better syncing and improved ink features.

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  1. Interesting … the business that I know that are running Windows 10 have disabled access to the Windows Store. I’m sure that it would be an easy “push out” I’m a little out of the loop with desktop admin these days.

  2. Not surprised about this announcement. Just hope they get the UWP app with some more features, like searching for tags. I also read somewhere they will still have the desktop app, but it won’t get any features or security updates, I could be wrong though.

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