Photos from Microsoft //build/ day 2 keynote

Build 2013 day 2 keynote

Today is the second day of Microsoft’s developer conference Build. Today they showed off the services part of why they now consider themselves a devices and services company. Microsoft Azure, Mobile services and plenty of talk about their work with partners.  Scott Hanselman ran through some of the updates coming in Visual Studio 2013, watching live coding during a keynote is always appreciated. It was largely expected that Microsoft would deliver a new version of .Net with this release of VS and they have, but.. it’s a pre-release of 4.5.1 not a full point release of 5.0 like we were expecting.

There was plenty of other announcements like 12 months of Adobe’s Creative Cloud and 12 months of Office 365 Home Premium for attendees. Some other highlights was the introduction of a Windows 8 Foursquare app that looks completely gorgeous and also the CEO of BOX was on stage discussing their support and integration with Active Directory on Azure.

For the most part pictures do a great job of explaining, so there’s a new set available on Flickr of more than 90 photos from this morning’s keynote.

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