PS3 trophies mandatory in all games from Jan 2009.

    PS3 Trophies mandatory

    Finally Playstation are making a long overdue change to the PS3’s trophy sys tem. All games released from January 2009 will be required to contain trophies, something that’s been encouraged, but ultimately left to the developers.

    The trophy system today is fundamentally broken. With such little support for trophies, earning them doesn’t at all equate to anything indicative of an overall score. It doesn’t represents the hours or dedication or even what type of gamer are as you may have spent twice as long in-game as someone else, but simply because your game selection didn’t support as many trophy-enabled games your collection looks light on.

    Even come January we’ll be in the same position. As annoying as it would be, I can’t help but wonder if starting trophies fresh in 2009 wouldn’t be a better platform for gamer comparisons.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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